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"Voice of the Industry" for Members, Consumers, Our Communities & the Environment

Washington State has approximately 1.5 million decentralized wastewater systems in use, it is our mission as an Association, with the help of our members, consumers and local government; to ensure that we put the water back into our communities the way we found it. Helping to replenish nature’s support system with a long term sustainable approach to wastewater disposal and treatment.

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2015 WOSSA Board Members

President: Jerry Stonebridge
Vice President: Mike Moren
Past President: Bill Creveling
Treasurer: JR Inman
Secretary: Keith Pelzel
Pumper Rep: Julie Toaves
Regulatoy Rep: Dave Tipton
Eastern Region Rep: Adam Johnson
Supply / MFR. Rep: Dave Lowe

Thank you for your support and voting for WOSSA's 2015 "Voices of the Industry."  

Washington State DOH Issues 2012 RS&G's

The Washington State Department of Health has issued updated RS&G's which are available below in PDF form. WOSSA has consolidated all 15 of the new RS&G sections into one document. Bookmarks have been added for each section of this 500 page update. We hope that this will help to make your use of the RS&G's a little more efficient.

           2012 WA DOH RS&G

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WOSSA Developing Industry Specific Confined Space Entry Training           

We are excited to announce that WOSSA in collaboration with the Washington Department of Labor and industries SHIP Grant Program has created a CSE Training Program for workers in the On-Site Industry. Click on the photos below to view the WOSSA videos and interviews filmed as a part of the training.

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The 2015 Fall - 2016 Spring Training Schedule is now Available, Click Link Below!


       2015 - 2016 Schedule
                 Click Here 

     Upcoming Training Events

Note: On-line Registration for the Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Classes is not available yet, but will be shortly.

WAC 246-272A Review / Exam Prep   10.3-4.15
Puyallup, WA
M-301 Certification of Proprietary Devices   10.6-7.15
Puyallup, WA
M-102 Operations and Maintenance Basics   10.14.15
Puyallup, WA
O-204 Electrical Control Panels   10.29.15
Puyallup, WA
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